The Rockmores take the stage in a new production featuring a cast of veteran musicians and performers in the Boston area. The production features soon-to-be SmartRock favorites such as “Prison of My Mind,” “Outer Spiral Arm,” and “Phantom Ring.” A mix of power-pop and post-punk, The Rockmores are sure to get stuck in your head like a lollipop on a sweater. 

Cast of Characters: 

  • Brentsis Rockmore – Aaron DeGraff (lead vocals) 
  • J. Cavendish Rockmore III – Peter Fernandez (bass, vocals) 
  • William Jefferson Rockmore – Dave DeSimone (drums, vocals) 
  • Johnny Rockmore – Michael Boezi (guitar, vocals) 

We play regularly in the Boston area and are soon releasing a new album. Stay in touch and keep listening!


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